Company History

We are Building Management System (BMS) provider with Norwegian roots.

History and development

1997 – Starting of  Thermo Control kft. – Hungary by Norwegian and Hungarian shareholders

2005 – Establishment of Thermo Control Srl. – Romania, Sfântu Gheorghe Norwegian and Romania shareholders

2006 – Establishment of Thermo Control Srl.  branch office in Cluj Napoca

2011 – Establishment of Thermo Control Facility Management company in India

2012 – ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certification of Thermo Control Srl.

2012 – Acquisition of Thermo Control  Srl. office building – Sf. Gheorghe, Romania

Thermo Control is an organization which roots back to the early 90’s when Norwegian and Hungarian owners started to adopt the Nordic energy conservation scheme in Hungary using Energy Management and Building Management Systems.

Thermo Control represents a client-focused, flexible and innovative business culture, offering value for money, performance and trust.

In 2005 the Norwegian and Romanian owners have decided to open offices in Romania, a country in a rapidly developing and with considerable investments.

In 2011 we have opened office in Bangalore to add value to the Indian FM industry by integrating European know-how and technical experience with local resources and capabilities.

Intelligent Buildings, Innovative Solutions
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