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    ISO certifications

    We provide a safe and healthy work environment and we are permanently committed to a continuous improvement in accordance with Quality Management System ISO 9001.
    Our managers and employees are assuming responsibility to ensure that the resources are provided and used properly in order to prevent healty risk for staff and people, who come into contact with our work.

    Our occupational health and safety management systems are certified according to ISO 18001. Our goal is to deserve the highest standards by supporting national initiatives and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements in our business activities with an environmental impact. Thermo Control is committed to use environmentally sound practices and procedures by education, innovation and sustainable development. Thermo Control recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and believes that a good business is also a responsible one, that is based on the welfare of future generations.

    Our persuasion is that making ecological choices has a benefit not only to the environment but also to our employees, creating a more efficiently, comfortable and enjoyable workplace. In partnership with our clients, we will develop and support environmental management plan adequate for their business activities.
    Our environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001.


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