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    retrofitNo matter how well a BMS system is maintained, at a time it requires upgrading or eventually a replacement with a modern one!

    BMS system replacement is a costly and messy process that can disrupt building operations over an extended period of time.

    It’s crucial to ensure that the retrofit produces the maximum benefit. Not only will this enhance the operation of the facility, it will also help to ensure that the retrofit process will not have to be repeated in the near future.

    HVAC technology has achieved tremendous progress in the past 15 years. New DDC control systems provide a better climate while reducing energy costs. High-efficiency or alternative-fuel chillers can reduce the cost of air conditioning. Variable frequency drives can improve the operating efficiency of both chillers and fan systems. Inter-operable building automation systems give facility executives the tools they need to better manage operations.

    Benefits of a retrofit

    • Saving on capex while benefiting from new technologies
    • Optimization of existing plant components
    • Adaptation of the plant for new or changed products
    • Increase in piece number and cycle time
    • Guaranteed spare parts availability

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